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A hell of a lot of animals were harmed in the making of this adventure.

When Marcus. St. George set about to spend several billion dollars worth of other people's money to return dinosaurs to the earth, he anticipated their slavering fangs, their bloodied claws and their terrifying shrieks.

Their language skills came as something of a surprise, and when they started hanging around his jungle discussing The Simpsons, he knew he was in trouble.

It wasn't until a pair of Tyrannosaurus Rexes began ripping up his theme park demanding more fast food and better DVDs, however, that the full horror of what he'd wrought became apparent.

By then, it was a little late.

Join a desperate retinue of lawyers, spin doctors and wise-assed reptiles as they flee history's most unspeakable bad hair day in this biting satire.

The dinosaurs await you... and they're pissed.


Alec Grey is summoned from his task of routine Soviet surveillance to pursue a shadowy Russian agent through the streets of London, racing against time itself to prevent his masters from obtaining the west's ultimate technological secret.

One of his countrymen is the first casualty of the darkest of secret weapons.

One of his colleagues is a Soviet mole.

One of his futures is unthinkable.


The iron box is five centuries old and thick with rust, but the secret it contains still smells faintly of the wetness of blood. Two men have come to the coven, once more to ignite the embers of treachery which have concealed it.

Both are driven, one by a lust for wealth, and the other by his passion for the outsider god.

In the long-awaited sequel to Coven, Elspet returns to the magic of her birthright and desperately seeks the truth behind the madness which has befallen her.

Eye of the Dawn

When retired MI6 operative John Quick died, he left his housekeeper Emma Gwynn his estate, his past and a sniper's rifle to kill the man who murdered him.

Suddenly thrust into a wilderness of mirrors no less treacherous with the ending of the cold war, Emma Gwynn descends into a twilight world of deception fraught with the ghosts of combatants long since dead, but clearly unaware of their passing.


Where once there had been flames, there remained only secrecy. Forgotten in the hills of Wales, the coven followed the traditions of the goddess and the ways of its ancestors.

Through a tangle of deception, magic and a mystery long hoped forgotten, one young woman seeks the truth behind the accident of her birth and the terrors that surround her.

Steven William Rimmer's legendary first novel, long out of print, is now available in a new, unabridged edition.

The Order

The alchemical stone lay hidden for centuries. Even its purpose had been forgotten. The blood surrounding its discovery almost a millennium earlier had long since grown black and hardened about it.

Fleeing an arranged marriage, Mairéad Christabel Donaghmore finds refuge in a brooding, ancient castle in the Scottish highlands. Once a perceptory of l'Ordre d'Fe, now a retreat for the well-heeled and powerful of London, it whispers of old money and older gods. In the days after her arrival, it comes to shriek of death. One by one, each of its inhabitants is found bizarrely murdered.

In the hidden world of a Victorian secret society, Mairéad learns of a mystery older than the castle itself, and of a conspiracy tangled beyond her imagination. Suddenly imprisoned in a world unchanged since the middle ages, she struggles to unravel the final deadly secret of The Order.


Anya Donaghmore has slept with the lord of the forest and awakened to find that he's taken many lovers. One of them wants her life. Her fate may be determined by a witch who died three centuries earlier, or by a secret which has flowed in the veins of her ancestors for considerably longer.

Wyccad is a tale of witchcraft, madness, lust and power set in the foreboding grandeur of the Scottish highlands.