Dragonsbane Books

a dagger speaks louder than words

Available in Print and for Amazon Kindle

Dragonsbane is published as five books of more or less conventional length, with generous, eye-friendly type and traditional book paper — and as e-books for the Amazon Kindle tablet.

It’s also available as Dragonsbane The Magus Edition, which encompasses every word of the original books in a single volume. It does so, however, with slightly smaller type, a larger trim size and a substantial 814 pages printed on bond paper. We hasten to add that the larger dimensions of The Magus Edition were undertaken to slip in below Amazon’s maximum of 828 pages for printed books, this appearing to be the limit of their on-demand digital presses.

Dragonsbane The Magus Edition is wholly readable and somewhat less expensive than its multiple-volume sibling — its type is still one point larger than is found in most paperback mass-market fiction. Click on the foregoing link or scroll to the bottom of this page to find it.

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